Wednesday, April 15

Edible Art?

Believe it or not, the title of this post also references Twilight. In this case, I reference a line in the the movie from a scene which specifically references the book cover. You know, the cover art that featured two hands holding a red apple. If anything, the Twilight saga gave us some awesome art. My personal favourite is the Eclipse cover, which bears the picture of a piece of red silk ribbon sort of falling from somewhere, and ripped in the middle.

But why the Judith Leiber pieces again? Well, I don't know. They were just too alluring and since I have a sort of mild fascination with apple-shaped bags, I couldn't resist putting these pictures up. Speaking of apple-shaped bags, for some bizarre reason, I seem to recall Missoni having some kind of strange cute little handbag, very much like the Judith Leiber ones. It was apple-shaped, bright red, life-size (i.e. the size of a real apple) but sans the sparkle. I don't quite remember the material it was made from though because I've obviously not seen it at close range (otherwise I doubt I'd have this conundrum in the first place).

Is my memory failing me, deceiving me or mistaking me? Was there ever another apple bag somewhere? I've been trying to find it since thinking I had seen it in a magazine, and even so far as thinking I'd seen it in a store in Singapore that carried Missoni pieces.

It must have been a poisoned apple, for I feel a little muddle-headed. :/


CapuccinoB. said...

Okey, translation:
15th April (today)
International day of the male fashion!!
Yaaay! It's supposed to be only for spanish speakers, but you can also make a post about it! :)


Annie said...

those leiber pieces are gorgeous. wow.

I really love your banner picture!