Friday, April 3

A Nail-Biting Weekend

1. I am mourning the loss of my long nails (because one broke so I cut the rest off. :x). Without my lovely long nails, I can't paint fun stuff on them, like you see in the photos above. Sigh. :(

2. I am excited about tomorrow, because Rachel and I will be headed down to the Christian Lacroix: The Costumier exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore. Exciting, beautiful stuff, I'm positive. :D

3. I am truly biting my nails over a kind of possible job intervention this Sunday. I say intervention because this is a kind of saving grace I need from my current one. You know how when you have some kind of problem, or are stuck in some rut and you need "intervention"? Yes. I am referring to exactly that semantically. (Or is it pragmatically? My degree in linguistics is obviously turning into dust. Haha.)

4. I love you all. And wish you all a wonderful, beautiful weekend ahead. ♥


Anonymous said...

gasp. sounds very momentous, this saturday of yours! all the best yo!!!!!! you can do it!!! :)


Anonymous said...

love this post

CapuccinoB. said...


Can I go with you to that exibition?