Thursday, April 9

Oh No, Knot Again?

Photo courtesy of JAK & JIL BLOG

I am in love with the way these boots have been "re-worked". Read about their effect at this Jak & Jil Blog post here.

Now I know what to do when my boots start dying and when their leather begins to slack.

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone.

And sorry for not keeping up with all your beautiful blogs. :( I will try to catch up this week and comment spam you all with my love.

The job intervention has turned be more stressful than I expected. It is positive no less, but absolutely terrifying.

I have been crying for days. :(

But well, we'll see.

I hope you are all well.

1 comment:

CapuccinoB. said...

Ah my dear,
If you need someone to talk to just tell me :)

I love those booooooooooooooooots!

Love you loads