Monday, May 4

Heavy Shoes For Heavy Hearts

As you know, I've been very crushed due to certain crushing events these past days. So when I was out about town yesterday, I stepped into our local Dries Van Noten store and tried on these favourites of mine. I remember seeing them on the runway and positively drooling. That thick black bandeau across the foot is just the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Not to mention, terribly comfortable.

I felt a fraction bit better, as I trotted around the store in these beauties. Certainly a very fashionable respite.


The Haute-Shopper said...

Wow, those sandals are hot!! Really looking forward to your Lacroix report - glad you had such a great time! And I really hope you still somehow get to those fashion shows! I would love the come to Singapore to shop by the way - hopefully next year. I've never been but it's basically like Hong Kong's sister (only cleaner), so I'm sure I'll love it, and my guy has been stressing me about going for a while now :)

Ashburn Eng said...

the sketches are amazing