Tuesday, May 5

I Love Christian Lacroix

Rachel and I finally went for the Christian Lacroix: The Costumier exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore and it was such a treat. We met late Saturday morning, the museum was nice and quiet with a lovely mix of old Singapore architecture spruced with glass and marble and fancy light structures. There was an installment of swinging red (or were they black?) chandeliers over the large atrium where all the escalators were. The escalators were like different rivers, each one you took would take you to a different place. We found the one that led us to Lacroix and gleefully hopped on.

I doubt I could properly find the words to describe what a gorgeous exhibition it was. I have to give props to the curators at our museum who did such an excellent job. It was quiet, dark, with a lush interior and beautiful music spanning from opera to musicals - the works that Mr Lacroix had been a costumier for. I can already feel my descriptions degrading what I've seen and what I've experienced. Unfortunately, Rachel and I didn't take a lot of pictures, because we really were quite awestruck by all the beauty. So we do hope this little snippet can offer you a taste of what Rachel and I were privileged to enjoy.

A beautiful range of dresses and robes for the theatre.

Spinning tutus above us! In a room that had walls of angelic white curtain, delicately draped and functioned as a screen on which ballet performances were projected on. Ethereal and breathtaking. I really loved this little room.

I wish I could aptly describe to you the detail of this dress, the way the bodice was stitched, the way the layers fell - I would wear this dress in a heartbeat. Exquisite.

His sketches for Shakespeare's Othello - the ladies.

His sketches for Shakespeare's Othello - the gents.

I remember leaving the exhibition with 1000 new ideas for dance costumes for future performances. I hope the exhibition travels to your city soon! It's truly remarkable.


Irene (capuccinobar) said...

This is art... totally :)


The Haute-Shopper said...

Awesome pictures! Thanks for the review - I can only imagine how incredible the exhibition must have been. I think no one does costumes and flamboyance better, but few realize how well made and detailed his designs are. Those sketches are amazing and the white dress... wow. Maybe it's time I visited the Lacroix flagship in Paris... ;-)