Friday, December 12

7 Things about Rachel and Hui

Hello once again luvs, we have been tagged by the lovely Melissa of life . style . dissected!

Here are the rules: List 7 personal details about yourself, and pass the torch on to 7 other lucky bloggers.

Since there are two of us on this blog, we have decided to do this very first tag of ours... together! Here are 7 personal things that the both of us share, that we want to share with you all (click for bigger image)! ♥

Phew. I should probably warn everyone that the Aqua Teen Hunger Force is one of those cartoons where discretion is advised. Many of our friends who love us and our (offbeat) sense of humour have declared said show unwatchable, despite Hui's and my many attempts to per-suede them otherwise. Hui says there's nothing to apologise for, but I, being the more sane one, do feel obliged to issue a tiny precautionary warning. That being said, I hope it becomes as much a part of your lives as it is ours.

Alright, enough about us, we need to pass this on! We tag La Couturier, Cappuccino B, Merily, Bella, Alize, Mr Style, and Natalia!


Anonymous said...

aw thanks for tagging me! it was soo nice learning a bit more about you girlies!

& alber elbaz is quite possibly one of my favorite ppl of all time!! we share yet another common factor ;]

La C.

Anonymous said...

ps - eloise's (lol) comment about makin my blog into a magazine - seriouslyyy made my day!! <3

lots of love!

CapuccinoB. said...

oooh! one of these days i'll make it!


withasianstereotypes said...

Ah baby I LOVE samurai champloo and OHHC I love anime but LOVE LOVE LOVE manga.


♥, China L.

Bella said...

See this is why I'm always over at your blog... you guys ROCK!

Thank you so much... I absolutely love this!