Wednesday, January 21

Alma Matters

I am more than terribly sorry that I've not been around these days to post. I haven't even had time to read a lot of your wonderful blogs and for that, I apologise as well. However, I chanced upon this today and simply had to put it up here.

I love shiny things. I love crazy colours that pop. I love shiny crazy popping colour things. Oh yeah, and I love the shape of the Alma bag that Louis Vuitton has. So what more a bag that combinese all these fun elements that I absolutely adore? When I worked at Vuitton that one month or so, I remember it was some Alma anniversary or something and we all had to memorise the history of the Alma and all sorts of things about it - what it was named after, how to describe it's shape, the different limited edition forms that it took... Countless pieces of information! Which I have since forgot, but I'm sure they can be unearthed easily on the web.

Anyway, enough talk. I present to you, the Louis Vuitton Vernis Alma in Rose Pop and Bleu Galactic. I am so crazy in love with them you wouldn't believe it. I haven't felt such love for Vuitton merch in a long while.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE those. & that's a lot coming from me, since i really don't care too much about LV!

dearest SEAH! i've missed you so much! i hope all going well for you & rachel :).

lots of love,
La C.

Kvestelser said...

Those are interesting, and are they in real leather or what? How would you wear them?

Have a lovely weekend, you two!

CapuccinoB. said...

how insanely cool!!!!

i love them!

how are you?:)


Anonymous said...

OHMYGOSH. i saw a lady walking around with the pink version and i was very much tempted to grab it from her arm while she was nonchalantly sipping her starbucks coffee & ship it over to you (it was in pristine condition, new, i'd imagine?). except my conscience (i can never spell that word!) got the better of me.

c'est fin! :)

La C.