Friday, January 16

How Will I See This Through?

Dear Rachel,

I am having a terrible time at work because I have just been given an awful assignment, right in the middle of some other assignments. It really isn't the best thing when your former teacher is your boss. Because I think the fear you feel doubles and the power he/she has doubles. I want to tear my hair out and scream, I want to throw my cellphone into the sea, I want to drown my body in a bathtub of wine. This is one of the greatest obstacles and frustrations yet. And I don't know how I'm going to face them.

How can you help me see this through? To conquer this mountain? To cross this hurdle? How will you make me smile again? How will you keep those angry tears from flowing? How will you make me want to take care of myself again? How will you help me stop abusing myself by not taking care of my skin and hair? How will you stop me from giving up completely and dressing like I have no hope left in life?

The answer is simple, with this sheer Orb Flock Shirt from Vivienne Westwood Red Label. I know it's rather see-through but if you notice how it folds, you realise you could actually go bra-less in a top like this. And I'm sure you know by now, I am all for not wearing bras. It just feels more comfortable and on some days, it actually helps with feeling skinny and sexy. Look at how smart it can look when matched with the right bag (which was the Ebury bag I had pointed out a couple of posts ago), grey skinnies and a lovely fitted jacket, also from Vivienne Westwood Red Label. In this other picture here, you can see how the haphazard layering and draping of the sheer cloth really protects the front, which makes bra-lessness a truly feasible option. Furthermore, I always hate seeing the lines of bras and such stick out from sheer blouses, especially sheer patterened blouses. Unless you had some cute lingerie to show off, I find the straps and hooks and all those bits of the bra rather an eyesore.

So dear Rachel, since you know what's good for me. Please do what's good for me, and buy this aforementioned blouse. You know how I'm a real fan of Ms Westwood's designs. I am having such a bad day. This would be an instant shot of relief.

I know you are a true friend. And I thank you, from the top and bottom of my heart (which has over-beat from stress).

Lots of love, confetti and grease-lathered Parisian pompiers,


MR style said...

thanks a lot for your nice comment !! it's truly cute

Kvestelser said...

Oh my, oh my! That is a pretty blouse :)