Monday, January 5

Dior Carnivores

Dear Rachel,

I've been having a harrowing day at work. I need something to cheer me up. As I know you care for me immensely, I know you would acede to my every request. I know you would easily buy me a spot of tea or even a bouquet of flowers to spruce up my desk. However, I can make my own tea and I don't like fresh flowers, for various reasons.

So why not get the next best thing? Consider this: I love rings. And I'm currently trying to find that thumb ring you gave me because I think it slipped off so I'm rather down about that. Yes, so I love rings, and different kinds of jewels make different girls happy. Secondly, I love beautiful names. With a collection themed around Carnivorous Flowers and aptly named Milly Carnivora, I have undisputedly fallen in absolute love. Furthermore, I am a huge fan of the crazily creative and beautiful Victoire de Castellane who designs for Dior Haute Joaillerie. So to have such delightful, exquisite and out-of-this-world pieces from her, I cannot think of a better way to brighten my day.

Take for instance one of my favourites - and if you saw the whole collection you would realise picking a single favourite is virtually impossible - which you can see in the picture above, called the Bagues Ancolia. How can I resist the strangely attractive clash of colours? Or that delicate, nearly-missable pale pink drop of venom? And the almost too-bright but intoxicating green hoop that makes up the body of the ring? One ring like that could match all my coloured eye-liners, one of which I will feature on here soon. Just look at those delicious blue petals, the glorious twirls in its shape. There are too many wonderful things to relish in this ring alone. One ring like that could help all my black outfits pop. One ring like that would provide the perfect accent to a flawless, glossy black manicure.

It certainly is tempting me. It makes me want to eat it up. Its carnivorous nature is causing my own ravenousness for it. Its poison sings like Bella's blood sings for Edward. Won't you satisfy my lust for this jewelled meat?

With lots of love and sexy glances,

P.S. Here's another angle in which to view it, you can see the lovely position of that drop. How outstanding! And yet, so delightfully subtle!


Kvestelser said...

You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself! I have no idea how to make russian pancakes, blinis, on NYE, all the guests bring different dishes!

Anonymous said...

omgsh. that is the ring of my dreams. not even kidding. it totally satisfies my unhealthy obsession with beautiful cocktail rings.


La C.