Wednesday, January 28

Happy Miu Year

Dear Rachel,

Happy Chinese New Year! I hope that you have collected a great many red packets. You know, those little traditional Chinesey things where we stuff money in little red envelopes...I hope you got plenty of those!

Why, you may ask. Well, it's to buy me more presents for the new year of course! And you'd better buy it soon because we have only, what, 12 of the 15 days left in our Chinese New Year celebrations? This Miu Miu Coffer Two Way Bag in Rosso would be the perfect addition to my CNY wardrobe. Especially as I still might have some visiting to do. After all, it's shape is casual, functional, structured, yet slouchy. The colour is bright, but not an eyesore. It's got a signature shape without screaming labels or monogrammes. It has double strap options, which you know I always love. And although it's in ruched calf leather and not patent leather, it's shiny enough to pass of. In fact, I kind of like this semi-shiny, semi-cracked leather look. Works for me.

So thank you! May the heavens of Chinese New Year open up and rain their red packets of blessings upon you! May the trees of the Lunar New Year blossom like a flourishing tree, showering upon you its bright red petals of wealth into your palms.

Thank you, Rachel. For this marvellous little Miu Miu gift. I didn't think you could top the Miu Miu Bow-Front flats you were going to get me. But it looks like you are going to! :D

This is what friends are for, ladies and gentlemen.

Eagerly awaiting the Miu Miu this New Year (and with lots of love for you of course),


Anonymous said...

i loveeee miu miu bags :) an absolute favorite of mine! i do love the coiffer; i believe i've fallen in love with the soft pink & chocolate brown :) red is just as fab!

La C.

La Couturier said...

ahh i just read your comment on the baguettes post!!

that be so BEYOND incredibly amazing if we were to meet in paris! just imagine how fabulous it would be!! shopping, eating away (well, me, at least)...

i'm already loving it.

love yah girls!